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Wood Products


Wood Product Care –

When cared for properly, your wood turning should last a very long time. My hand-turned bowls/platters are made from both domestic and exotic woods, a variety of finishes (all food friendly) and their care is simple. Treat your bowl well … help it age … and it will serve you well.

High humidity and rapid temperature change can wreak havoc on most wood products causing checks and cracks. Not all checks and cracks, however, are ugly or render a bowl useless. You may have noticed that some of my work includes bowls/platters with checks or cracks that actually enhance the beauty of that particular project. With all this said, you should avoid things like leaving your bowl/platter in a hot car for a long time or leaving it outside in cold climates.

Do Not put wood bowl or platter in the dish washer.

Do Not use your bowl or platter to store refrigerated food as it may create stress and cracking.

Do Not put your bowl or platter in the microwave.

Clean your bowl or platter as you would any other bowl or platter; just not as vigorously. Frequently, all I do is wipe clean with a damp sponge and allow to air dry. You can rinse with water and use damp sponge or wash cloth to remove stubborn items. Again, allow to air dry before storing.

Finish –

Your bowl/platter is finished with a walnut oil and bee’s wax or a fully cured lacquer making it food friendly. After time and use, you may notice that it has lost some its luster. This is natural due to a variety of reasons; exposure to moisture, light and quite simply age. I recommend periodic applications (3 to 4 times per year) of walnut oil (found in the oil section at most grocery stores). Just apply a small amount to a paper towel and buff evenly over the entire bowl/platter. It should be dry to the touch in an hour and harden over time. (Avoid using vegetable oil as it promotes bacteria growth.)