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Red Door Wood Creations

For the past forty years, I wore a tie to work (a totally useless piece of apparel but that’s another discussion for another time) but I always found time to work on my true passion … working with wood. Early on, my projects were designed to fit a personal need like building our house, designing and creating most of our furniture and cabinetry. Most of this work was done in a rickety old shed (cold in the winter and hot in the summer) during any spare time I could find. A true Weekend Warrior!

In 2003, I bought my first lathe, began turning bowls and I have been hooked ever since. Like everything in life, it took a while to develop the skills to actually complete a bowl worthy of leaving my shop. After many implosions, explosions and demolitions beyond recognition, bowls started to make their way to our kitchen. We still have many examples of my early success and use them regularly. Further examples became great gifts for friends and relatives. I began sharing the bowls on social media and received inquiries on how to order and pricing. After all, my passion had resulted with quite an inventory of all types of bowls. The feared words that every weekend bowl turner fears were heard throughout the neighborhood …. “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ALL THESE BOWLS?!?!

So, in the spring of 2017, I tore down that old shed, replaced it with a new and larger work space and started Red Door Wood Creations. Specializing in hand-turned hardwood bowls, natural edge coffee/end tables and hardwood framed photography. I am able to spend each day doing what I love and, more importantly, share my work with others.